Registered Nurse Operating Room Coordinator

Corpus Christi, TX

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

The Operating Room Coordinator II Registered Nurse, under the supervision of the Operating Room Director or the Director of Nursing and according to organizational structure, is responsible for providing peri-operative patient care in accordance with sound nursing judgment, regulatory and accreditation standards, and the facility’s mission, vision, and values. The position must provide direct and indirect patient care across the age continuum; and utilize the nursing process of assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation according to policies and procedures of the facility.

Administrative responsibilities include internal physician marketing, cost awareness, and adherence to staffing schedule. Supervises other Registered Nurses as requested; and directs ancillary staff in the operating room and central processing. Manages two boards for hospital and outpatient. Responsible to assist with administrative tasks related to Risk Management, Infection Control, Performance Improvement, and Clinical Recruitment/Retention. In conjunction with the nursing leadership, the OR Coordinator may assist with development and implementation of policies and procedures, and staff management which assure that cost effective, safe and high quality of care is implemented. May work in other areas as qualified and when needed. May require taking “call” and or “call back”. Demonstrates skills necessary for the age and needs of the patients served.

Projects a professional demeanor and appearance while maintaining the confidentiality of patients, co-workers, and the Hospital/Surgical Center and adhering to the HIPAA policy. Reports, in good faith, any known or suspected activity that appears to violate laws, rules, regulations or Surgery Partners’ Code of Conduct. Fulfills annual Healthstream, department and unit specific continuing education requirements.

Personal attributes include the ability to be self-directed; demonstrates accountability, professionalism, and receptiveness to change; seeks guidance, direction, and assistance when needed. Works under stress and in situations that demand patience, stamina, endurance, and tact while providing impeccable service. Fosters an attitude of teamwork and willingness to assist others and does not refuse performing other job duties as requested. Set’s priorities, responds timely to issues which require a decision, and ensures desired results are achieved by means of consistent follow through. Status is exempt.


  • Demonstrates eligibility for employment in the U.S.
  • Graduate of approved school of Registered Nursing with current and valid licensure with Texas State Board of Nursing
  • BSN preferred
  • Two years of experience in the Operating Room, Board Runner or other critical care nursing environment preferred. Must have actual supervisor experience vs. charge.
  • Knowledge of State, Federal and Accrediting Body regulations and standards related to healthcare.
  • Ability to achieve PALS & ACLS certification within 90 days of employment.
  • CPR valid upon employment.
  • Ability to relate and work effectively with others
  • Demonstrated skills in verbal and written English communications for safe and effective patient care and to meet documentation standards.
  • Willingness to participate in goal-setting and educational activities for own professional advancement.
  • Is aware of professional nursing standard and performs in accordance with them.

Physical Requirements:

Should use assistive devices when weight being lifted exceeds 35lbs or when required to push/pull more than 58lbs. (OSHA)

Work is of heavy demand; walking or standing most of the time while on duty. Visual and auditory acuity and manual dexterity essential to performing designated duties required. Optimal auditory acuity required. Manual dexterity involving the handling of equipment and instruments or armamentarium is essential to performing assigned duties. Physical conditions are clean, neat and well-lit. May be subjected to unpleasant sights and odors, stressful situations, limited radiation , hazardous chemicals, or infectious diseases where judgment as to precautions needed to be taken is essential. Climate control and ambient temperature variances may be experienced and required by patient care and needs of the surgical team. Hours of duty may be irregular or unexpectedly extended due to the requirements of the job.

OSHA Exposure Classification:

Job Category I. Direct contact with blood or other body fluids to which universal precautions apply. Personal protective equipment is made available and must be worn

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Adheres to staffing schedules, attendance policy, and cooperates with daily assignments as requested.
  • Demonstrates skills as a team player. As a Registered Nurse, Manager and Board Runner, shows appropriate delegation, while directing and supervising ancillary personnel in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating patient care in the operating room according to accepted standards.
  • Provides direct patient care in clinical areas and demonstrates clinical competence.
  • Participates in orientation of new staff and peer evaluation process, ensures facility morale exemplifies the mission and values of the center.
  • Demonstrates ability to solve problems timely and constructively; maintains focus on improving the situation
  • Willingness to teach others and participate in competency programs.
  • Completes Health Stream in a timely manner annually.
  • Participates in all staff meetings for department and facility for informative and educational purposes.
  • Responsibility of managing all implants, working closely with vendors and maintain efficient PARs
  • Responsible for managing the OR Board and coordinating day to day operations for the operating room flow.
  • Works closely with the Director and Scheduler to coordinate cases.
  • Functions as apart of the leadership team and promotes staff accountability.

The above responsibilities may be evaluated by measuring the following:

  • Employee turnover rate
  • Participation in orientation of new hires and accepts charge nurse duties
  • Department and Facility staff meetings attendance
  • Attendance/Tardiness
  • Timely completion date of Health Stream Education and certifications


  • Demonstrates highly effective communication skills with staff, management, physicians, patients, and family members.
  • Establishes and maintains exceptional services to all customers including physicians, patients and employees with the goal of delighting all customers.
  • Participates in physician oriented service teams.
  • Participates in service recovery by taking ownership of the situation and correcting problems. Keeps customers informed of progress related to

Clinical operations and provides comfort, information and assistance during the


  • Models appropriate interaction with physicians, patients and staff to ensure high level of service in all areas of responsibility.
  • Reviews daily schedule and prepares cases based upon preference cards and specific patient care needs.
  • Communicates changes as necessary to preference cards.
  • Communicates intra-operative care to PACU staff upon transfer.

The above responsibilities may be evaluated by measuring the following:

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Physician Satisfaction
  • Preference cards are current (for Endoscopy cases as well)
  • Turnover time within NSH Benchmarks < 12 minutes average


  • Initiates physical and psycho/social assessment and pre-operative plan of care,

Identifies patient and verifies informed consent.

  • Completes a pre-operative record review, and conducts an interview to plan for

Intra-operative patient needs.

  • Actively participates and validates site marking and initiates timeout according to

Policy and procedures.

  • Assures the delivery of quality clinical care through participation in NSH benchmarking programs.
  • Assures facility clinical policies and procedures are followed.
  • Maintains a safe OR environment, adheres to all patient care safety requirements.
  • Reviews and participates in performance improvement initiatives.
  • Medical record documentation is accurate, legible, and in accordance with federal and accrediting standards.

The above responsibilities may be evaluated by measuring the following:

  • Accreditation status, Medicare certification and licensure
  • Accurate completion of surgical consents
  • Participation in Performance Improvement initiatives and activities
  • Accurate and legible chart documentation
  • NSH Quality benchmark data are consistently met


  • Conserves resources and minimizes cost when possible.
  • Participates and assists with implementation of cost saving initiatives for the department.
  • Communicates ideas for cost containment and reducing expense.
  • Appropriate staffing levels and overtime is below established benchmarks.
  • Medical record documentation and implant log should be completed accurately for all cases.

The above responsibilities may be evaluated by measuring the following:

  • EBITDA results
  • Operating Margin Initiatives and results
  • Expense control initiatives and results
  • Implant log charges reflect same on peri-operative record


  • Through competency and customer service, employee will contribute to the growth of the facility.
  • Employee communicates service line development ideas with facility leadership.
  • Employee engages in customer service conversation conversations with physicians as adjunct to facility marketing initiatives.

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